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After my kids finally grew up and moved out of the house, I realized that I needed to get a new car. My years of parenthood had taken a significant toll on my vehicles, and I felt like I was living in a dumpster bin whenever I drove anywhere. I realized that I had to purchase a new car and then take great care of it, so I shopped diligently until I found the perfect ride, and then I worked hard to keep it clean. I was able to find several different ways to take better care of my vehicle, and this blog is all about maintaining your car's value.


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Cargo Trailer Buying Guide

When purchasing a new cargo trailer, you want to make sure that you get one that fits all of your needs. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with all of the options available. The following guide can help you decide what extras you need for your trailer.

Is security a concern?

If you leave your cargo in the trailer between hauls, then chances are you need a way to keep it secure. The main option is to get an enclosed trailer with locking doors. These feature lightweight aluminum enclosures. You can get doors that open outward or roll up, or you can choose one where the door folds down and doubles as a ramp.

Are rails always necessary?

For some cargo, a flatbed is sufficient, while with others you may need rails or sides to help contain everything. The problem comes when your needs vary so that rails are only sometimes needed. Fortunately, there are trailers that feature easy-to-remove sides or rails. This will give you the most flexibility when it comes to your trailer.

What are your tie down needs?

Chances are you will need to secure items to the trailer so they don't shift. If you have no specific needs, in other words you haul lots of different types of cargo, then look for a trailer that has a lot of tie down points on both the sides and deck. Another option is to choose a trailer with a wooden deck so you can add your own customized tie downs.

Is a ramp necessary?

Not everyone needs a ramp. If you mainly load smaller or lighter items into your trailer, a simple step may be all that is necessary. On the other hand, if you tend to haul heavy items or wheeled items, a ramp is a must. You will need to decide whether you want a fold down ramp, a slide out ramp, or a removable ramp. From there, you will further need to determine whether a full ramp or simple ramp rails are sufficient.

Do you have specific hauling requirements?

Think through everything you know you will be hauling, and consider any special needs. For example, if you tend to haul a lot of tools, then you may want to get a trailer box installed at the front of the trailer to hold these tools. If you tend to haul motorcycles, you will want to have a trailer with wheel blocks. It's much easier to have these added at the outset than to try and install them later.

For more help, talk to a cargo trailer dealer near you.