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After my kids finally grew up and moved out of the house, I realized that I needed to get a new car. My years of parenthood had taken a significant toll on my vehicles, and I felt like I was living in a dumpster bin whenever I drove anywhere. I realized that I had to purchase a new car and then take great care of it, so I shopped diligently until I found the perfect ride, and then I worked hard to keep it clean. I was able to find several different ways to take better care of my vehicle, and this blog is all about maintaining your car's value.


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Want to Rent a Car for Your Next Vacation? Use These 3 Tips

Whenever you have a vacation and plan to visit a relative or friend in a remote location, you are probably already expecting to take a plane there. However, renting a car may be something that interests you as well, so that your host doesn't have to retrieve you. A car can also provide a lot of freedom throughout your stay because you don't have to rely on your friend or family member's vehicle or company when you want to get on the road.

Think of Weather

Even if you don't plan to be driving into the mountains, the weather at your host's home during your stay is worth paying attention to. You may want to investigate SUV options if there is ice or snow in the forecast so that it's easier to manage the vehicle when you're driving. Not only that, but because you'll be renting a vehicle that you might not be used to driving, it can be beneficial to have better manageability on slick surfaces so that you're less likely to damage the rental vehicle and have to pay additional costs.

Choose Suitable Insurance

Rental companies will ask you whether you'd like to use their insurance carrier or your existing carrier during the time you rent a vehicle. Your regular insurance company might not cover you at all in a rental car, so you may have to go with the rental company's policy. This can work out great.

However, if your regular car insurance company does offer coverage for rental cars, you may want to do some research beforehand to figure out whether it is as good as the coverage from the rental company. Select the policy that's best for your vacation needs so that you aren't over- or under-insured.

Think Twice about the Option for Pre-fill

It might seem like a great decision to go along with the pre-fill option offered by many rental companies, and if you're sure you'll be driving a lot it could be a fantastic way to save time without having to look for a fuel station in a new place. However, if you plan to only go back and forth from the airport to your host's home, the extra expense might not be something you need. Try to think about how much you'll be driving and consider local fuel costs before you accept or turn down the option to pre-fill the gas tank.

Now that you're equipped with information you need to rent a car on your next vacation, you can make smarter decisions. Contact a car rental company like Sensible Car Rental to find out more.